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Chapter 2: Requirements and Design

Table 2-1: Business use cases
Table 2-2: Administration use cases
Table 2-3: UC-01:Login
Table 2-4: UC-02:Update user profile
Table 2-5: UC-03:Customize the portal
Table 2-6: UC-ADM-01:Create a user
Table 2-7: UC-ADM-02:Manage security profiles

Chapter 4: Installing the Runtime Environment

Table 4-1: Disk Space needed for WebSphere Portal components Installation
Table 4-2: Portal software recommendations
Table 4-3: Tivoli Access Manager hardware recommendations
Table 4-4: Prerequisite Software for WebSEAL

Chapter 5: Configuring the Runtime Environment

Table 5-1: Property changes
Table 5-2: Custom properties for WebSEAL Trust Association Interceptor

Appendix A: Access Control Model in WebSphere Portal V5

Table 6-1: Initial WebSphere Portal Server V5 access control settings

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