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Chapter 4: Installing the Runtime Environment

Example 4-1: Httpd.conf file extract with changed Port
Example 4-2: Command gsk5bas.exe output
Example 4-3: Extract from the gsk5ver command ouput

Chapter 5: Configuring the Runtime Environment

Example 5-1: ServerStatus command and output
Example 5-2: StartServer command and output
Example 5-3: Transport stanzas in plugin-cfg.xml file
Example 5-4: PDAdmin commands showing WebSEAL server name
Example 5-5: Command to create the WebSEAL junction
Example 5-6: PDAdmin Import commands
Example 5-7: Trace of successful TAI initialization
Example 5-8: Trace of unsuccessful TAI call: missing WebSEAL ID
Example 5-9: Trace of unsuccessful TAI call: untrusted host connection
Example 5-10: Trace of successful TAI call
Example 5-11: Reviewing externalized Resource Roles
Example 5-12: Reviewing externalized Resource ACLs
Example 5-13: Error in attaching ACLs to externalized resource objects

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