13.6 Concluding Remarks

13.6 Concluding Remarks

Although the Bluetooth profiles specification defines usage models for several foreseen applications of Bluetooth technology, these are by no means the only applications that can be built around Bluetooth. In fact, new applications are constantly being defined. One source for innovative new applications is the Computer Society International Design Competition. [16] In 2001 and 2002, this international competition, sponsored by the IEEE Computer Society, focused on Bluetooth technology. The competition required student teams to build applications around Bluetooth technology. Some of the applications envisioned by the student teams have prompted members of the SIG to consider new profiles (e.g., a profile designed specifically for medical devices). All this development activity bodes well for the acceptance of Bluetooth technology by the consumer market.

In this chapter we have endeavored to present a salient, albeit cursory overview of Bluetooth technology. It must be borne in mind, however, that Bluetooth is a feature-rich and well-defined wireless communications standard. Indeed, the Bluetooth specification spans more than 1500 pages. Interested readers are encouraged to refer to the specifications, [17], [18] as well as several publications that discuss the technology in much greater detail. [19], [20]

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