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56. Zoom In and Out with the Navigator Palette

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55 Zoom In and Out with the Zoom Tool

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In the preceding task, you learned how to zoom in and out using the Zoom tool and its options. However, if the Navigator palette is displayed, you can use it to zoom in and out without changing to the Zoom tool first.


Display the Navigator Palette


If you're working on multiple images and have tiled them in the Editor window, you'll want to use the Navigator palette to zoom, rather than the Zoom tool, which may untile the windows.

Open an image in the Editor. If the Navigator palette is not displayed, choose Window, Navigator from the menu bar.


Enter a Zoom Amount

To view an image at a particular zoom level (such as 50%), select the correct zoom percentage from the box on the left side of the palette. Then type a new zoom percentage and press Enter.


Or Adjust Zoom Slider


To zoom by a predetermined amount, click either of the Zoom buttons, located on either side of the slider. The minus button zooms out, whereas the plus button zooms in.

You can also drag the slider on the Navigator palette to zoom. Drag the slider to the left to zoom out; drag it to the right to zoom in.

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