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31. Add a Text Caption or Note

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With a text caption, you can provide a title for your "works of art" (your photographs). An image's caption appears in the photo well when you display the image using Single Photo view, and below each image in a photo review (see 16 Review Images). Captions also appear on the General tab of the Properties pane whenever it is displayed. Although having a caption appear beneath a photo while you're reviewing images in the Organizer can be fun, there is a serious purpose to all this work. After you've entered captions for your images, the captions can be made to appear in various creations, such as a slideshow, photo album, video CD, calendar, or Web Photo Gallery.


When searching for a particular image, you can search for text contained in its filename, caption, or note. So, adding captions and notes also helps you locate images. See 37 Find Items with the Same Caption or Note.

To add the same caption to several images at once, select the images, and then choose Edit, Add Caption to Selected Items from the menu. Type your caption in the Caption box in the dialog box that appears, select Replace Existing Captions (if you don't select this option, existing captions are not replaced), and then click OK.

Although this task explains how to add captions while in Photo Browser view, you can also add captions while viewing images in Date View. Just use the calendar in Date View to locate an image, and then click the Day View button to display the image in a larger view where you can enter its caption.

For longer descriptions or stories about an image, you can enter a note. Notes do not appear in the photo well, but only within the Properties pane. Do not confuse these notes, however, with the Daily Notes section displayed in Date View in both the Month and Day views. Daily notes are used to record a general description of the day's activities, making it easier for you to locate a specific group of images you might be looking for. See 38 Find Items with the Same Date.


Select Image

In the Organizer, click the image in the photo well to which you want to add a caption. The selected image appears with a blue border around it (unless you're using Single Photo view).


Display Properties Pane

If it's not already displayed, click the Show or Hide Properties button on the Options bar to display the Properties pane. You can also choose Window, Properties from the menu.

To display the Properties pane below the Organize Bin, choose Window, Dock Properties in Organize Bin first, and then choose Windows, Properties.


Type Caption and/or Note

If it's not already selected, click the General button at the top of the Properties pane to display the contents of the General tab. Then click in the Caption text box and type your caption, such as Alyce on Big Bear Mountain, July 2004 or We watched the rain under the protection of a large maple tree. Your caption can include up to 200 characters, including spaces, but you'll want to keep it short so it displays fully onscreen and in creations.

You can make searches easier later on by using specific, easy-to-remember keywords in your notes and captions. For example, if you often search for funny shots for use in your greeting cards, you could use the keyword funny or goofy in your image notes or captions to help you locate those shots when you need them.

Longer descriptions can be typed in the Notes section if you like. Close the Properties pane by clicking the X button in the upper-right corner of the pane or clicking the Show or Hide Properties button on the Options bar.

You can also enter text captions when an image is displayed in Single Photo view. Double-click an image in the photo well to display it in Single Photo view. Click where it says Click here to add caption, type a caption, and press Enter.


View the Result

Notes can only be seen in the Properties pane, and they are not used in creations. To view an image's caption, change to Single Photo view by double-clicking the image in the photo well or by clicking the Single Photo View button on the Options bar.


You can delete a text caption from either the Caption text box in the Properties pane, or from Single Photo view. Click the caption and then use the mouse to highlight the entire caption. Press Delete to remove the caption.

Here I added a caption to my daughter's recital photo so that I would remember the name of the song she performed to. Because I was also planning on using this photo in my annual calendar, the caption served a dual purpose. To view the entire caption as I was entering it, I resized the Properties pane (by dragging its border) to make it wider.

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