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30. Change a Marker's Category, Group, Name, or Note

Before You Begin

26 Create a Tag or Collection Marker

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29 Change a Markers Icon

As you learned in 26 Create a Tag or Collection Marker, when you create a new marker for organizing items, you give that marker a name and select the category/group or subcategory/subgroup to which you want it assigned. You're also given a chance to add a description (a note) to help you remember the marker's purpose at a later date. In the computer world, things are rarely permanent, and markers are no exception. If they don't prove as easy to use as you might have thought, you can change a marker's name, category, group, or description at any time by following the steps in this task.


You can follow these same steps to change a category or group on the Organize Bin. You can change the name, tag color, category icon, and parent category or group to which a subcategory or subgroup belongs. Just select the category or group, click the Edit button (it looks like a pencil), make your changes, and click OK.


Click Tags or Collections Tab

If you want to change a tag, in the Organizer, click the Tags tab on the Organize Bin. To change a collection marker, click the Collections tab instead.


Select Marker

In the Organize Bin, click the marker whose details you want to change. The selected marker is highlighted.


Click Edit Button

Click the Edit button located at the top of the Organize Bin (it looks like a pencil). The Edit Tag or Edit Collection dialog box appears.


To change a tag into a subcategory, right-click the tag and select Change XX tag to a sub-category. To change a subcategory into a tag, right-click it and select Change XX sub- category to a tag.

If you want to change the image that appears on a marker's icon in the Organize Bin, see 29 Change a Marker's Icon.


Select Category

In the dialog box, you should change only the things that are wrong. If you want, open the Category or Group drop-down list and select a different category or group to which you want the marker to belong.


Type Name

If you want, select the marker's name in the Name text box and type a replacement name.


Type Note and Click OK

If you want, type a replacement description in the Note text box, or simply edit the existing description. When you're through making changes, click OK.


View the Result

The marker's name, category, group, and note are changed immediately. These changes, except for the note, appear in the Organize Bin and the Tags tab of the Properties pane (the optional note appears only in the Edit Tag and Edit Collection dialog box).

I had a tag marker called Princess Angelina Lucy, the name my daughter gave our new kitten. Eventually, the cat's name was shortened to just Lucy, so I changed the name on the marker. The shorter name was also easier to read on the Organize Bin. While changing the tag name, I decided to change the category as well. Because we have only one pet so far, it didn't make sense to have a Pets category. So, I moved the Lucy tag into the Other category. Next, I'll remove the unused Pets category as well.


It's easy to delete a category or group you no longer need. See 28 Delete a Marker, Category, or Group.

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