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29. Change a Marker's Icon

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26 Create a Tag or Collection Marker

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27 Attach a Marker to an Item

28 Delete a Marker, Category, or Group

30 Change a Markers Category, Group, Name, or Note

The first time you assign a new marker to an image, that image is used as the marker's icon in the Organize Bin. Choose carefully when making this initial assignment; by selecting a meaningful image to act as the marker's icon, you might find it easier to locate the icon on the Organize Bin when you decide to assign it to other images and media files later on.

Regardless of how careful you are, you might discover an image later on that better exemplifies the meaning of the marker. If that happens, follow the steps in this task to select a different image to act as a marker's icon.


Click Tags or Collections Tab

If you want to change the icon associated with a tag, in the Organizer, click the Tags tab on the Organize Bin. To change the icon associated with a collection marker, click the Collections tab instead.


To change the color that appears above an image on a tag icon, change the color associated with the category to which that tag belongs. Select the category, click the Edit button (it looks like a pencil), and then click Choose Color to select the tag color you want to use for that category.


Select Marker

In the Organize Bin, click the marker whose icon you want to change. The selected marker is highlighted.


Click Edit Button

Click the Edit button located at the top of the Organize Bin (it looks like a pencil). The Edit Tag or Edit Collection dialog box appears.


The image icon is not the only thing that can help you select the right marker for a media file. You might use a marker's description (its note), for example. If a marker's note, name, group, or category is not as descriptive as it should be, you can change it. See 30 Change a Marker's Category, Group, Name, or Note.


Click Edit Icon Button

Click the Edit Icon button in the dialog box. The Edit Tag Icon or Edit Collection Icon dialog box appears.


Scroll to Find Image

The number of images currently using the selected marker appears just below the image in the dialog box. Click the left and right arrows on either side of the Find button to scroll through each associated image and select the one you want.

If you want to see the images together so that you can select your favorite for use as an icon, click the Find button instead of the arrow buttons. The Select Icon dialog box appears. All the items currently associated with the selected marker appear together in this dialog box. Just click the one you want to use and click OK to return to the Edit Tag Icon or Edit Collection Icon dialog box.


To change the size of the icon that appears on the Tags tab of the Organize Bin, choose Edit, Preferences, Tags and Collections. Then select a size from the Tag Display pane. This selection does not affect the icons on the Collections tab of the Organize Bin, which cannot be adjusted.


Make Adjustments and Click OK

You can use only a selected portion of the image as the icon if you like. Just drag the corner of the white cropping border to adjust the size of the area that will be used as the icon. Click in the middle of the cropping border and drag to adjust its position on the image. When you're through, click OK to close the Edit Tag Icon or Edit Collection Icon dialog box and complete the selection of the new icon.


If none of the currently matching images makes a great icon, you can import an image or a piece of clip art for that purpose. Click Import, select an image file from your computer or network, and click Open. This image is not imported into the catalog, but it does replace the current icon for that marker.

The cropped portion of the image you've selected appears as the marker's new icon in the Organize Bin. (The actual image in the catalog is unaffected.)

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