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26. Create a Tag or Collection Marker

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24 About Organizing Items

25 Create a Category or Group

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27 Attach a Marker to an Item

28 Delete a Marker, Category, or Group

Although the Organizer provides a few category and subcategory tags to start you out, you'll want to create some new tags to help you organize your own catalog. Also, because the Organizer provides no collection markers for you, you'll definitely need to create the collections you need. You can place the markers you create into any existing category/group or subcategory/subgroup; recall that tag markers use categories and subcategories, whereas collection markers use groups and subgroups. See 25 Create a Category or Group.

You assign each new marker a name and add any descriptive notes in the text box provided. New markers appear in the Organize Bin with a generic icon that has no picture. The first time you assign the new marker to a photo, however, that photo is used as the icon for the marker. This gives your markers a visual reference that can help when you begin the process of assigning various markers to the items in the catalog. You can reassign the photo being used as a marker's icon whenever you like; see 29 Change a Marker's Icon. You can also make other changes to a marker after the fact; see 30 Change a Marker's Category, Group, Name, or Note.


You can save your tag and collection markers in a file and import them into a different catalog when needed. To save the marker list, click the New button at the top of the Organize Bin, choose Save Tags to File or Save Collections to File, select the markers you want to export, and click OK. Type a filename and click Save. To import the saved list into another catalog, click the New button, choose From File, select the file, and click Open.

You can enlarge the size of the icon that appears next to a tag by choosing Edit, Preferences, Tags and Collections, and choosing the last option from the Tag Display frame. Notice that you can also forgo the photo icon altogether and display a small folder icon instead. This option, by the way, does not affect the icon that appears in front of collection markers.


Click Tags or Collections Tab

If you want to create a new tag, in the Organizer, click the Tags tab on the Organize Bin. To create a new collection marker, click the Collections tab instead.

You must create any new category, group, or subcategory before creating any new markers you want to assign to them (see 25 Create a Category or Group).


Click New Button


If the Organize Bin is not showing, click the Organize Bin button on the Status bar to display it, or choose Window, Organize Bin from the menu.

Click the New button at the top of the Organize Bin. From the menu that appears, choose New Tag to create a new tag or New Collection to create a new collection. The Create Tag or Create Collection dialog box appears.


Select a Category or Group


To add a marker to a specific category or group quickly, click that category or group in the Organize Bin just before you click the New button. The category/group you selected automatically appears in the Category or Group list box in the Create Tag or Create Collection dialog box.

Open the Category or Group drop-down list and select the category or group to which you want to assign this new marker.


Type a Marker Name


Subcategories, collection groups, and subgroups appear in the Organize Bin in alphabetical order (tag categories appear in the order in which they are added to the list). For example, on the Tags tab, any subcategories you add within the Events category appear in alphabetical order. You can rearrange things more to your liking by dragging and dropping them within the list. To enable manual rearranging, choose Edit, Preferences, Tags and Collections. Then enable the Manual option next to the item you want to manually rearrange, such as Collection Groups.

Type a name for the new marker in the Name text box. The name can include spaces if you like, but you are limited to 63 characters.


Type Description and Click OK

Click in the Note box and type a description of the marker if desired. This note appears only when you select a tag and display the Edit Tag or Edit Collection dialog box (see 30 Change a Marker's Category, Group, Name, or Note), so it's of limited use. Click OK to create the new marker.

The marker appears on the Organize Bin underneath the category or group you selected in step 3. The marker is now ready to be assigned to any item you wantalthough you've probably noticed that its icon is blank at the moment. When you assign a new marker to a photo for the first time, the marker will grab that photo for its icon. See 27 Attach a Marker to an Item.

If you decide at a later date that you want to remove a marker you've created from the Organize Bin, see 28 Delete a Marker, Category, or Group.

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