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Chapter 21. Improving a Photograph's Visual Impact


162 Remove Unwanted Objects from an Image

163 Mask an Image Layer

164 Replace a Background with Something Else

165 Fix a Bland-Looking Sky

166 Frame a Photograph

167 Blend Two Images into One

168 Create a Scrapbook Page

169 Create a Composite Image

170 Create a Panorama

Up until now, you have probably focused most of your attention on improving a photograph's contrast, color balance, and sharpness; repairing damage caused by old age or improper storage; and improving the look of your subject by removing blemishes and minimizing wrinkles. Now that you have improved your images to the point at which they look good, it's time to have some fun. In this chapter, you'll learn how to improve a photograph's visual impact by removing distractions (and fingers) from a photo, placing the subject on a new background, adding drama to a bland all-white sky, adding a picture frame, and combining images to create a blended image, a composite of several images, or a scrapbook page.

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