Page #13 (Use Photoshop Elements to Edit Photos)

Use the Welcome Window

Every time you start Photoshop Elements, you're greeted by the Welcome window. You can use its controls to start either the Editor or the Organizer, so that you can quickly locate an image for editing, review a tutorial on an unfamiliar feature, watch the product overview, or start a new image or creation. To dismiss the Welcome window, click its Close button; to redisplay the Welcome window at any time, choose Window, Welcome from the menu bar.

The buttons at the top of the Welcome window provide quick access to the most common tasks you'll want to perform at the start of a work session, such as importing images into the Organizer catalog, editing an image using Quick Fix or Standard Edit modes, beginning a new image, or starting a creation. You'll learn the specific steps for performing each of these actions in upcoming tasks.

To view the product overview, click the Product Overview button. To start a tutorial, click the Tutorials button at the top of the window. To open your Web browser and display Adobe's Home page, click the Adobe button at the bottom of the window.

The Welcome window provides you with a quick way to start your image editing session.

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