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Change Preferences

Like most other programs, Photoshop Elements enables you to tweak its default settings to suit your needs. To change preferences in the Editor or the Organizer, choose Edit, Preferences and then select the type of preferences you want to change from the submenu that appears. For example, in the Editor, choose Edit, Preferences, Saving Files to change the way in which images are saved; in the Organizer, choose Edit, Preferences, Scanner to change the default file type and resolution for images scanned into the Organizer catalog. The Preferences dialog box is then displayed with the appropriate page open.

After making changes to a set of preferences, you can save those changes by clicking OK. To change from one set of preferences to another in the Editor Preferences dialog box, choose the set of options you want to view from the drop-down list at the top of the dialog box or click the Next button to view the next set of preferences in the list. Return to a previous set of preferences by clicking Prev instead. To change to a different preference set in the Organizer Preferences dialog box, select that set from the list on the left.


If you want to reset the currently displayed set of preferences back to default settings, click Reset or Restore Default Settings.

Use the Preferences dialog box to change the way in which the Editor or the Organizer performs basic tasks.

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