Section 22.7. Local Ruby Groups

22.6. Ruby Conferences

The first International Ruby Conference was held in Florida in 2001, and it has rotated cities every year. Usually Matz himself attends, along with a few other Japanese Rubyists; we have also had attendees from six of the seven continents. (If you work at an Antarctic research station, please feel free to take time off for the next conference.)

This annual conference is coordinated by RubyCentral (, so you can always go there for current information. Alternatively, you can go directly to to find information, to apply to give a talk, or to register online.

There have also been other conferences in other areas. The European Ruby Conference (EuRuKo) was first held in Karlsruhe, Germany in 2003. It is usually a little smaller in terms of attendance, but if you are in Europe it may be more convenient for you. I am not aware of an official site for this conference; do a search for EuRuKo to find out more.

The popularity of Ruby has spawned talks at OOPSLA and OSCON, among others. Expect more of this in the future.

The popularity of the web framework "Ruby on Rails" has led to conferences devoted to Rails. The first International Rails Conference was held in Chicago in June 2006, and others are forthcoming. Go to for current information.

Not long ago I participated in the Silicon Valley Ruby Conference in Santa Clara in late April 2006. This was the first Ruby-specific conference in the United States besides the international conferences sponsored by RubyCentral. I hope that these opportunities continue to proliferate.

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