Section 22.6. Ruby Conferences

22.5. IRC Channels

At any given time of day, chances are that dozens of Rubyists are talking or lurking in IRC (Internet Relay Chat). The servers are owned by freenode.netvisit them on the Web to find the right one for you. A web search will also find a good IRC client for you, whatever your platform may be.

The #ruby-lang channel has fairly heavy traffic. It is an international forum, so you may find people there at all hours. The de facto international language is English, but you may find people there who can direct you to channels in your own language.

Observe all normal IRC etiquette. In particular, do not "flood" by pasting sections of code; one or two lines is about the maximum. Instead use a pasting service such as or the equivalent.

There are other channels, such as one devoted to Rails. As usual, any information I offer here might quickly become obsolete.

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