Ruby Way

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Ruby Way, The
By Hal Fulton
Publisher : Sams Publishing
Pub Date : December 17, 2001
ISBN : 0-672-32083-5
Pages : 600

Ruby is a fully object-oriented, dynamic scripting language which borrows some of the best features from LISP, Smalltalk, Perl, CLU, and other languages, and blends them into a harmonious whole. The design philosophy of Ruby encourages human-oriented design, rapid development, and test-first coding.

Use Ruby where you would use Perl, C++,Smalltalk or Python, but free from special cases, reliance on workspace, and with greater simplicity. Ruby syntax is elegant, fast and powerful making programs that are concise, easy to understand and maintain.

The Ruby Way takes a "how-to" approach to Ruby programming with the bulk of the material consisting of more than 300 examples arranged by topic. Each example answers the question "How do i do X in Ruby?" Working along with the author, you are presented with the task description and a discussion of the technical restraints. This is followed by a step-by-step presentation of the best possible solution. Along the way, the author provides detailed commentary and explanations to aid your understanding.

The Ruby Way
The Ruby Way, Second Edition: Solutions and Techniques in Ruby Programming (2nd Edition)
ISBN: 0672328844
EAN: 2147483647
Year: 2000
Pages: 119
Authors: Hal Fulton

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