Reviewing and Editing Taxable Income

The Taxable Income YTD section of the Tax tab lists all your income that is taxable, such as your paychecks, interest income, bonuses, and so on. You can review the list, add paychecks, and change paycheck information in this section.

Review and Edit Taxable Income

If you're not already there, open the Tax Center and review the paycheck information listed in the Taxable Income YTD section.

See Also

See "Set Up New and Edit Existing Tax Alerts" on page 326 for information on accessing the Tax Center.

To update paycheck information, click Edit Paycheck.

Select the paycheck you want to change and click Edit.

See Also

See "Adding and Editing Paychecks" on page 151 for more information on updating paycheck details.

For Your Information

You can also add paychecks from the Taxable Income YTD section on the Tax tab by clicking Add Paycheck.

To add a paycheck, click New.

To delete a paycheck, select the paycheck and click Delete. A message appears, asking if you want to remove the paycheck.

Click Yes to delete it or click No to keep it.

When you are finished adding, updating, and deleting paychecks, click Done.

See Also

See "Add a New Paycheck" on page 151 for more information on creating a new paycheck.

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