Converting a Web Publication to a Print Publication

Just as you can quickly create Web publications from existing print publications, you can create print publications from existing Web publications . Your brochure Web site becomes your print brochure in minutes!

In this exercise, you will convert The Garden Company s Web site to a print brochure.

USE the TGC-Web publication in the practice file folder for this topic. This practice file is located in the  My Documents\Microsoft Press\Office 2003 SBS\Email folder and can also be accessed by clicking Start/All Programs/Microsoft Press/Microsoft Office System 2003 Step by Step .

OPEN the TGC-Web publication.

  1. On the File menu, click Convert to Print Publication .

    The Convert to Print Publication dialog box appears.

    click to expand
  2. Select the Yes, save my Web publication and then convert it to a print publication, option and click Finish.

    Publisher converts your Web publication to a print publication.

CLOSE the TGC-Web file.

Microsoft Office 2003 Step by Step
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