Key Points

  • FrontPage is an easy-to-use program that provides all the tools you need to develop a simple or complex Web site.

  • FrontPage uses a menu and toolbar command structure like that of the other Microsoft Office System applications.

  • FrontPage Web sites consist of numerous files, some hidden, and should be opened for editing from within FrontPage rather than from Windows Explorer.

  • You can see and work with your Web site from several different viewpoints: Folders view, Remote Web Site view, Reports view, Navigation view, Hyperlinks view, and Tasks view.

  • A Web site consists of individual Web pages. The structure of each page is determined by the underlying HTML code. You can see and work with the HTML code in the Page view Code pane or Split pane, but you do most of your work in the Design pane. FrontPage makes it unnecessary for you to know how to create HTML code.

  • Web sites are initially developed on your local computer and then published to the Internet. Many features are not available for use until the Web site is published to a server running FrontPage Server Extensions.

Microsoft Office 2003 Step by Step
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