Chapter 15. Collaborating with Colleagues

15. Collaborating with Colleagues

Chapter at a Glance

In this chapter you will learn to:

Share data lists.

Manage comments.

Track and manage colleagues' changes.

Protect workbooks and worksheets.

Authenticate workbooks.

Save workbooks for the Web.

Even though a single individual might be tasked with managing a company's financial data and related information, many people have input when making future revenue projections. You and your colleagues can enhance the workbook data you share by adding comments that offer insight into the information the data represents, such as why revenue was so strong during a particular month or whether a service level might be discontinued. If the workbook in which those projections and comments will be stored is available on a network or an intranet, you can allow more than one user to access the workbook at a time by turning on workbook sharing. After a workbook has been shared with your colleagues, you can have the workbook mark and record any changes made to it. After all changes have been made, the workbook's administrator can decide which changes to keep and which to reject.

If you prefer to limit the number of colleagues who can view and edit your workbooks, you can add password protection to a workbook, worksheet, cell range, or even an individual cell. By adding password protection, you can prevent changes to critical elements of your workbooks. You can also hide formulas used to calculate values.

If you work in an environment in which you and colleagues, both inside and outside your organization, exchange files frequently, you can use a digital signature to help verify that your workbooks and any macros they contain are from a trusted source.

Finally, if you want to display information on a Web site, you can do so by saving a workbook as a Web page. Your colleagues won't be able to edit the information, but they will be able to view it, and comment by e-mail or phone.

In this chapter, you'll learn how to share a data list, manage comments to workbook cells, track and manage changes made by colleagues, protect workbooks and worksheets, and digitally sign your workbooks.

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Do you need only a quick refresher on the topics in this chapter? See the Quick Reference entries on pages xxviilxiii.


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