Administrative Virtues

I'll close this brief consideration of the profession and professionalism with the full list of administrativevirtues. This time, we'll take a somewhat more humorous tack than we have previously:


Being able to wriggle out of tight spots and escape when irate users seem to have you cornered.


Realizing that you can use syslog to send messages to your friend on another system.


Remaining capable of waiting until the final sendmail configuration bug is fixed.


The compulsion to try just-one-more-thing to fix a problem before going home.

Adherence to Routine

Insisting on real cream and sugar-in-the-raw in your coffee (which isKona or nothing).

Attention to Detail

Noticing that the clock on one of your systems is using Aleutian time, and changing all the others to match.


Writing a 250-line Perl script to avoid typing 15 characters.

What these alternative definitions are designed to highlight is the fact that system administration is not only challenging and sometimes frustrating, but can also be fun. In fact, this is my last piece of advice for you:



Don't forget to have fun. Life is too short.

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