Cross-Platform Transportable Tablespaces


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There is no relative file number in the ROWID of a BFT row, because the relative file number is 1024 for all BFTs.

The change in the ROWID format for BFTs may impact applications that extract, interpret, and use ROWIDs.

dbms_rowid Changes Related to Bigfile Tablespaces

Because there are now different types of ROWIDs, the functions of the dbms_rowid package have a new parameter, ts_type_in, that allows you to define the type of ROWID you are processing. The values allowed in this parameter include BIGFILE and SMALLFILE. The procedures that have this parameter included are the following:

image rowid_info

image rowid_block_number

image rowid_relative_fno

If you wish to construct a ROWID string for a row in a BFT, you can use the rowid_create function with the relative_fno argument set to 1024.

Cross-Platform Transportable Tablespaces

In Oracle Database 10g, transportable tablespaces can now be moved across platforms. You can now unplug a tablespace on your Windows NT database and move it to your Sun Solaris database without a hitch. This section introduces cross-platform transportable tablespaces and then discusses the different byte-ordering forms of Oracle datafiles and the conversion requirements related to cross-platform transportable tablespaces.

Introduction to Cross-Platform Transportable Tablespaces

As a DBA, on several occasions I've really wanted to be able to move my tablespaces between my development Windows NT Oracle database and my production Sun Oracle database. I've also had cases where I really wanted to move my tablespaces between a Sun platform and an AIX platform. Until Oracle Database 10g this was just a dream.


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