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recovering as well as transactions that have been recovered. Also, the V$FAST_ START_SERVERS view provides information about recovery operations that the database server is performing.

The following SQL provides a report that allows you to track transaction recovery during instance recovery:

 Select state, undoblocksdone, undoblockstotal, cputime FROM v$fast_start_transactions; 

Transactions that are recovered will have a state of RECOVERED, thus these views provide historical information on rollbacks and recoveries. This information is available until the next time the instance is cycled.

Smaller recovery operations do not show up in the views V$FAST_START_TRANSACTIONS and V$FAST_START_SERVERS.

The V$SESSION_LONGOPS view can now be used to monitor transaction rollback operations. This can assist you in determining how long a given rollback operation will take to complete.

New Data Guard Features

In Oracle Database 10g, Data Guard comes with a number of new features that you will want to be aware of. These include

image The ability to apply redo in real time on both physical and logical standby databases

image A new attribute, valid_for

image New features related to transmission of database generated redo

image New parameters associated with Oracle Database 10g standby databases

image Changes to the way that Oracle Database 10g will start a standby database

image The ability of the ARCH process to write directly to the standby redo logs

image The ability to assign threads to standby redo log groups

image Enhancements to Oracle Database 10g logical standby database


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