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Label property, PolicyLevel class 
legal issues  [See also intellectual property]
    decompiling assemblies 
LegalKeySizes property 
LevelFinal attribute
    code group policies 
    security policy code groups 
libraries, dlls, creating 
library applications, COM+ 
library assemblies 
    strong names and 
line breaks (Visual Basic syntax) 
LinkDemand statement 
LoadAndList property, evidence viewing 
<location\\> element, ASP.NET configuration 
Log property 
LogNameFromSourceName method 
logs, ELS (Event Log Service) 
    binary data 
    custom event logs 
    event identifier and category 
    event source name 
    event source values 
    event structure 
    event types 
    message component 
    monitoring event logs 
    registering event sources 
    writing events 
luring attacks 

Programming. NET Security
Programming .Net Security
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Pages: 346

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