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machine level policy  2nd 
machine policy code groups 
MachineName property 
managed algorithm class, digital signatures and 
managed class methods, digital signatures 
managed code, isolated storage and 
manager role (COM+) 
Marshaler role (COM+) 
MD5 hashing algorithm 
member synopsis (quick-reference entries) 
membership conditions
    AuthorMembershipCondition example assembly 
    AuthorMembershipCondition example class 
    code groups
        programming considerations 
    policy resolution and 
    security policy code groups 
    XML representation, creating 
MembershipCondition property 
message collisions (cryptography) 
MessageUtil class, Permissions View tool 
    activation records and 
    AsymmetricAlgorithm class 
    C#/Visual Basic syntax 
    CodeAccessPermission class 
    CodeGroup class 
    custom CAS permissions, creating 
    EventLog class 
    EventLogEntryCollection class 
    factory methods, CreateFromUrl 
    HashAlgorithm class 
    ICryptoTransform interface 
    IPermission interface 
    RSA class 
    RSACryptoServiceProvider class 
    SecurityManager class 
    SecurityRole attribute 
    SignHash method 
    SymmetricAlgorithm class 
Microsoft Intermediate Language (MISL) 
MMC (Microsoft Management Console), .NET Framework Configuration tool 
modules, assemblies 
monitoring applications 
    isolated storage security 
MSIL (Microsoft Intermediate Language) 
    decompiling and 
MSIL code section (assemblies) 
multi-file assemblies 
    delayed signing and 
    strong names, creating 

Programming. NET Security
Programming .Net Security
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