System.Security.Permissions (mscorlib.dll)sealed class
public sealed class UrlIdentityPermission : System.Security.CodeAccessPermission : IBuiltInPermission { // Public Constructors    public UrlIdentityPermission(PermissionState state);    public UrlIdentityPermission(string site); // Public Instance Properties    public string Url{set; get; } // Public Instance Methods    public override IPermission Copy(  );         // overrides CodeAccessPermission    public override void FromXml(System.Security.SecurityElement esd);  // overrides CodeAccessPermission    public override IPermission Intersect(System.Security.IPermission target);  // overrides CodeAccessPermission    public override bool IsSubsetOf(System.Security.IPermission target);  // overrides CodeAccessPermission    public override SecurityElement ToXml(  );    // overrides CodeAccessPermission    public override IPermission Union(System.Security.IPermission target);  // overrides CodeAccessPermission }

The UrlIdentityPermission class represents the System.Security.Policy.Url evidence of an assembly or application domain. The UrlIdentityPermission class allows code to make security decisions based on the URL from which code was loaded using imperative security statements. UrlIdentityPermission is useful for ensuring that only the code loaded from particular locations can execute important actions and resources. For example, only code loaded from a secure server on the local network can run methods that manage user accounts.

To create a UrlIdentityPermission object representing a specific source URL, pass a System.String containing the URL to the UrlIdentityPermission constructor. The URL can include the "*" wildcard character as its last element. The source URL represented by a UrlIdentityPermission can also be configured using its Url property.


System.Object System.Security.CodeAccessPermission(System.Security.IPermission, System.Security.ISecurityEncodable, System.Security.IStackWalk) UrlIdentityPermission(IBuiltInPermission)

Programming. NET Security
Programming .Net Security
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