System.Security.Cryptography (mscorlib.dll)sealed class
public sealed class DSACryptoServiceProvider : DSA { // Public Constructors    public DSACryptoServiceProvider(  );    public DSACryptoServiceProvider(CspParameters parameters);    public DSACryptoServiceProvider(int dwKeySize);    public DSACryptoServiceProvider(int dwKeySize, CspParameters parameters); // Public Static Properties    public static bool UseMachineKeyStore{set; get; } // Public Instance Properties    public override string KeyExchangeAlgorithm{get;  // overrides AsymmetricAlgorithm    public override int KeySize{get;  // overrides AsymmetricAlgorithm    public override KeySizes[  ] LegalKeySizes{get;  // overrides AsymmetricAlgorithm    public bool PersistKeyInCsp{set; get; }    public override string SignatureAlgorithm{get;  // overrides AsymmetricAlgorithm // Public Instance Methods    public override byte[  ] CreateSignature(byte[  ] rgbHash);  // overrides DSA    public override DSAParameters ExportParameters(bool includePrivateParameters); // overrides DSA    public override void ImportParameters( DSAParameters parameters); // overrides DSA    public byte[  ] SignData(byte[  ] buffer);    public byte[  ] SignData(byte[  ] buffer, int offset, int count);    public byte[  ] SignData(System.IO.Stream inputStream);    public byte[  ] SignHash(byte[  ] rgbHash, string str);    public bool VerifyData(byte[  ] rgbData, byte[  ] rgbSignature);    public bool VerifyHash(byte[  ] rgbHash, string str, byte[  ] rgbSignature);    public override bool VerifySignature(byte[  ] rgbHash, byte[  ] rgbSignature); // overrides DSA // Protected Instance Methods    protected override void Dispose(bool disposing);  // overrides AsymmetricAlgorithm    protected override void Finalize(  );  // overrides object }

This subclass of DSA is the default implementation of the DSA and is a wrapper around the Windows Crypto API.

This class defines several new members; the SignData( ) method creates a digital signature by reading data from a stream. The VerifyData( ) method verifies a digital signature from the signed data (as opposed to the cryptographic hash code). The SignHash( ) and VerifyHash( ) methods are functionally equivalent to the CreateSignature( ) and VerifySignature( ) methods of the parent class.


System.Object AsymmetricAlgorithm(System.IDisposable) DSA DSACryptoServiceProvider

Programming. NET Security
Programming .Net Security
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