System.Security.Cryptography (mscorlib.dll)abstract class
public abstract class AsymmetricSignatureDeformatter { // Public Constructors    public AsymmetricSignatureDeformatter(  ); // Public Instance Methods    public abstract void SetHashAlgorithm(string strName);    public abstract void SetKey(AsymmetricAlgorithm key);    public abstract bool VerifySignature(byte[  ] rgbHash, byte[  ] rgbSignature);    public virtual bool VerifySignature(HashAlgorithm hash, byte[  ] rgbSignature); }

Implementations of this abstract class verify digital signatures created by the AsymmetricSignatureFormatter class.

The VerifySignature( ) method uses an asymmetric public key to verify a digital signature, expressed as a System.Byte array. The public key value is set by the SetKey( ) method, which accepts an instance of the AsymmetricAlgorithm class configured with the key parameters. The SetHashAlgorithm( ) method sets the name of the hash algorithm used to create the digital signature; this value is used in the verification process.

The .NET Framework class library includes the DSASignatureDeformatter and RSAPKCS1SignatureDeformatter classes, which verify digital signatures created with the DSASignatureFormatter and RSAPKCS1SignatureFormatter classes.


DSASignatureDeformatter, RSAPKCS1SignatureDeformatter

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SignatureDescription.CreateDeformatter( )

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