First-Person Deepening Techniques ( Chapter 2.21 )

First-Person Deepening Techniques (Chapter 2.21)

At one point you'll have to choose between saving Katrina or saving some other members of the resistance who have saved your skin on many occasions, and whom you've come to care for. That's very tough decision. As such, it's a First-Person Deepening moment.

Also, you'll see that the war between the resistance and the government is much more complex than it seems. Both groups have valid points:

  • The government feels that the resistance is holding the world back by not participating in the spirituality that has taken root on the planet since the discovery that the sun is alive. In fact, they have proof of this.

  • The resistance fighters believe that one's personal beliefs and practices are no business of the government and that the government must be brought down for violating key provisions of the Bill of Rights.

  • The government feels that the resistance, because they're using arms, must be crushed.

  • The resistance, on the other hand, took up arms only when every peaceful means of enacting change and bringing the country back to its constitutional guarantees of liberty had been stymied.

As you get to taste both sides of this debate and see the validity of both points of view (Multiple Viewpoints), the resulting wisdom that grows in you is a form of First-Person Deepening.

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Creating Emotion in Games: The Craft and Art of Emotioneering
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