Begin by Introducing Us to a Unique Character

Gavin is welding his motorcycle in his garage. He takes it out for a spin on the freeway and sees a police chase in progress on the freeway, but going the other direction.

The criminal is firing shots out of the window at the pursuing police car.

Gavin floors the motorcycle, and turns it toward the embankment separating the two halves of the freeway. He shoots up the embankment, jettisons into the air, and lands on the other side of the freeway, but going the wrong direction!

He screeches to a halt as a huge truck barrels down on him. Suddenly, he's driving backward, with the truck still gaining on him even though the driver has hit the breaks. The truck stops just before Gavin is run over.

He whips his bike around and takes off in the direction the police car was heading. Going at an impossible speed, he weaves in and out of traffic, missing cars by inches.

He finally catches up with the astounded police, who shoot him an annoyed look (they know this guy). Gavin throws out a piece of nylon line with a hook at the end, snags the shotgun off the dashboard of the police car, and yanks it right out the window!

Gavin hits the gas and powers toward the car being pursued, as bullets from the criminal's Glock ricochet off his bike. Gavin closes in on the driver, and uses the barrel of his gun to slam the pistol out of the villain's hand!

The criminal veers the car toward Gavin, trying to force him off the road. Gavin adroitly maneuvers his bike out of the way, and fires repeatedly, almost point blank, around the edges of the driver's door. The door falls off!

Gavin points the shotgun right at the criminal and waves goodbye. The criminal gives up, pulls over, stops the car, and jumps to the ground with his hands over his head.

This cinematic, which lasted no more than three minutes, is over. But we've completely established Gavin's character.

Creating Emotion in Games. The Craft and Art of Emotioneering
Creating Emotion in Games: The Craft and Art of Emotioneering
ISBN: 1592730078
EAN: 2147483647
Year: 2003
Pages: 394

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