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Real World Adobe® Photoshop® CS2: Industrial-Strength Production Techniques
By Bruce Fraser, David Blatner
Publisher: Peachpit Press
Pub Date: October 21, 2005
ISBN: 0-321-33411-6
Pages: 984

Table of Contents  | Index

   Preface: Photoshop in the Real World
      Ask Your Printer
      The Depth of Understanding
      This Edition
      A Word to Windows Users
      Thank You!
    Chapter 1.  Building a Photoshop System: Putting It All Together
      The Power of Photoshop
    Chapter 2.  Essential Photoshop Tips and Tricks: Making Photoshop Fly
      Upgrading to a New Version
      Moving Pixels
      Dialog Boxes
      Keyboard Shortcuts
      Menu Customization
      When Things Go Worng
      Easter Eggs
      The World of Photoshop
    Chapter 3.  Image Essentials: It's All Zeros and Ones
      Pixels and Paths
      Pixels and Images
      How Much Is Enough?
      Image Mode
      Bitmaps and File Size
      Billions and Billions of Bits
    Chapter 4.  Color Essentials: What Makes a Color
      Primary Colors
      The Color Wheel
      How Colors Affect Each Other
      Device-Independent Color
      Working with Colors
    Chapter 5.  Color Settings: Understanding Photoshop's Color Management
      Controlling Color
      Color Management Systems Explained
      Color Management in Photoshop
      The Conceptual Framework
      Photoshop and the Monitor
      Color Settings
      The RGB Working Space
      Choosing a CMYK Working Space
      Choosing a Gray Working Space
      Spot Spaces
      Color Management Policies
      Color Settings with More Options
      The Color Picker
      Applying Profiles Outside Color Settings
      Soft-Proofing Controls
      Converting at Print Time
      Isolating Variables
    Chapter 6.  Image Adjustment Fundamentals: Stretching and Squeezing the Bits
      Stretching and Squeezing the Bits
      Tonal-Correction Tools
      The Histogram Palette
      The Info Palette
      More Tonal-Correction Tools
      Color Concerns
      Hands-On Levels and Curves
      Levels and Curves Redux
      Hue, Saturation, and Lightness
      Replace Color
      Selective Color
      Channel Mixer
      Photo Filter
      Tools We Don't Use
      Mastering the Tools
    Chapter 7.  The Digital Darkroom: Layers, Masks, Selections, Channels, and More
      Why Use Adjustment Layers?
      Why Not Use Adjustment Layers?
      Adjustment Layer Basics
      Simple Adjustment Layers
      Selections, Masks, and Channels
      Advanced Adjustment Layers
      Beyond Adjustment Layers
      Beyond Adjustment Layers
      Advanced Pixel Blending
      History and Virtual Layers
      Darkroom Experiments
    Chapter 8.  Making Selections: Getting Just What You Need
      Masking-Tape Selections
      Selection Tools
      Quick Masks
      Anti-Aliasing and Feathering
      The Select Menu
      Selections and Layers
      Step-by-Step Selections
      Masks, Channels, and Life
    Chapter 9.  Sharpness, Detail, and Noise Reduction: Getting an Edge on Your Image
      Detail and Noise
      Lens Defects
      Unsharp Masking
      How the Unsharp Mask Filter Works
      Working the Controls
      SharpeningWhy, How, and When?
      Sharpening Techniques
      Sharpening Without Unsharp Mask
      Techniques in the Workflow
      Noise Reduction
      Smart Sharpen
      Lens Correction
      Avoiding the Crunchies
    Chapter 10.  Spot Colors and Duotones: Special Inks for Special Projects
      Spot Colors from Photoshop
      Spot-Color Channels
      Multitone Images
      Photoshop's Duotones
      Adjusting Screen Colors
      Setting Curves
      Turning Grayscale to Color
      Simulating Spot Colors in CMYK
      Saving and Outputting
      Billions of Shades of Gray
    Chapter 11.  Building a Digital Workflow: Making Quick Work of Raw Images
      Digital Raw Formats
      Camera Raw, Photoshop, and Bridge
      Camera Raw Static Controls
      The Camera Raw Menu
      The Main Control Buttons
      Camera Raw Workflow Controls
      Camera Raw Image Controls
      Filmstrip Mode
      Adobe Bridge
      Bridge Windows
      Bridge Menu Commands
      Working in Bridge
      Workflow Principles
      Planning and Strategy
      Workflow Phases
      Image Ingestion
      Image Verification
      The Preproduction Phase
      The Production Phase
      Using Batch
      Recording Batch Actions
      Running Batch
      Make the Work Flow
    Chapter 12.  Essential Image Techniques: Pushing Pixels into Place
      Taking Care of the Basics
      The Color of Grayscale
      Line Art
      HDR Imaging
      Compositing Images
      Vectors vs. Pixels
      Text and Typography
      Filters and Effects
      Actions, Automate, and Scripting
      New Techniques
    Chapter 13.  Image Storage and Output: Managing Files for Fast Production
      Storing Images
      Save As Options
      File Formats
      File Formats for Print
      File Formats for Multimedia and the Web
      Niche File Formats
      Compressing Images
      File Metadata
      Output Methods
      Contone vs. Halftone
      Image Differences
      Imaging from Photoshop
      Imaging from a Page-Layout Program
      Getting It Out
    Chapter 14.  Multimedia and the Web: Purposing Pixels for the Screen
      Preparing Images
      Saving Your Images
      More Web Tools
      The Future of Publishing
   Production Notes: How We Made This Book
      Our Systems
      Writing, Editing, and Page Layout
   Author! Author!: Where to Reach Us
   Image Credits: And Permissions

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Real World Adobe Photoshop CS2: Industrial-strength Production Techniques
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