Chapter 12: Printing Practicalities


(Or: Supporting unsupported printers, enhancing printing, and other (print) pressing questions.)

If you've been using Mac OS X for a while, you may already have a printer hooked up and working. If so, in this chapter I'll show you how to take advantage of OS X's advanced printing technologies to manage printers and print jobs, share your printer with other computers, print remotely, and print in Classic. I'll also show you how to add a few needed or helpful features using third-party software.

However, if you're coming to OS X from OS 9 or Windows—or even if you've recently upgraded from an older version of OS X—you may have found that your old printer no longer works in OS X 10.2. In that case, I'll also show you how to take advantage of OS X's open-source roots to add support for "unsupported" printers and, I hope, get your old printer up and running.

Mac OS X Power Tools
Mac OS X Power Tools
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