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mac os x power tools
Mac OS X Power Tools
by Dan Frakes ISBN:0782141927
Sybex 2003 (607 pages)

Beyond the basics, this guide is overflowing with tips, tricks and secrets you need to know to proclaim yourself an OS X power-user; from Fine-tuning Firewalls to Supercharged File Sharing, this book has it all.

Table of Contents
Mac OS X Power Tools
Part I - Setup, Startup, and (In)Stalling
Chapter 1 - The Power of Permissions: Understanding Users and Unix Organization
Chapter 2 - Sensational Setup
Chapter 3 - Subjugating Startup and Leveraging Login
Chapter 4 - Installations, Inc.
Part II - Files, Finders, Docks, and Apps (Including Classic)
Chapter 5 - Finagle Files and Foil Finder Frustration
Chapter 6 - Developing a Dynamite Dock
Chapter 7 - Apple-ication Aptitude
Chapter 8 - Clobbering Classic
Part III - The Internet, Networking, Sharing, and Printing
Chapter 9 - Networking Notables and Internet Illuminations
Chapter 10 - Stellar Sharing Strategies
Chapter 11 - Connection Convenience and Remote Control
Chapter 12 - Printing Practicalities
Part IV - Mastering Your Mac—Security, Maintenance, and Unix
Chapter 13 - Strengthening System Security and Fine-Tuning Firewalls
Chapter 14 - Mac Maintenance and Administrative Actions
Chapter 15 - Utilizing Unix
Appendix A - A Tale of Two Systems
Appendix B - Multiple Mounts, Various Volumes, and Divided Disks
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Mac OS X Power Tools
Mac OS X Power Tools
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