Chapter 1: Organizing Homeland Security Efforts

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In order to build and sustain a long-term homeland security effort, policy makers, planners, and managers need to agree upon a set of basic conclusions and principles that establish a foundation from which to design and implement programs that will result in improved security. This may be very difficult to achieve in a politically charged democratic environment, where various constituencies often put their needs before the needs of society. However, there has been enough consensus established to result in several actions on the part of the U.S. government.

This chapter covers the modifications of organizational structures, new laws, and expanded training and analysis activities implemented by the U.S. government to address homeland security needs. Appreciating the scope of these changes can help information technology (IT) managers, planners, and decision makers understand the seriousness of government efforts and how they may impact their organizations in the future. Understanding the impact these changes may have can also help IT managers prepare for aligning policies and practices with national priorities. This chapter provides background on the following areas:

  • The scope and nature of the terrorist threat

  • New laws that provide the government with broader powers to deal with terrorism

  • How the government is coordinating efforts to deal with terrorism

  • How the government is working to improve international cooperation to deal with terrorism

  • New approaches to training that are being used for federal agents and local law enforcement

  • The threat condition warning system established by the government

  • Systems established by the government for citizens and organizations to report information about possible terrorist activities

  • How homeland security is being funded

  • What action steps IT managers should take as a result of these changes and trends

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Implementing Homeland Security for Enterprise IT
Implementing Homeland Security for Enterprise IT
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