16.4 Using Go To URL

Hyperlinks typically load a new document into the browser window (or a frame) when the user clicks the link. The Go To URL behavior offers additional flexibility because it can load new documents into two or more frames with a single click. It can also load a new document when triggered by any event, such as a rollover. It can be triggered from a timeline to load a document without user interaction.

Applying the Go To URL behavior in the Behaviors panel opens the Go To URL dialog box, shown in Figure 16-8.

Figure 16-8. The Go To URL dialog box

As seen in Figure 16-8, Dreamweaver displays all frames plus the Main window in the Open In list of the dialog box. (You can attach the Go To URL behavior to any element, but if you attach it to a <frameset> tag or if no frames exist, only the Main Window is listed.)

Select a frame in the Open In list and specify the URL of the document to load. An asterisk after the frame's name in the Open In list marks frames for which links have been set. If you set a URL for the Main Window, it replaces the entire frameset, and any URLs that have been specified for frames are moot. If desired, change the triggering event for the action in the Behaviors panel.

Dreamweaver in a Nutshell
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