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u command
UDP ( User Datagram Protocol)
UFS partitions
uid (user ID)
umask command
        changing shell's
        effect on new file permissions
        file permissions assigned by
undoing changes in vi
uniq command
Unix manual
        displaying page of
        getting help for Darwin-only Unix commands
        help for commands 2nd
        printing pages
        searching for man page
        sections of Mac OS X/BSD
Unix. [See also configuring Unix environments]
        about multiuser environments
        capabilities of Mac OS X
        changes to Mac OS filesystem and files
        command names in
        commands as separate programs in
        Darwin-only Unix commands
        directories in Aqua and
        editing files from command line
        editing text from command line
        file permissions and ownership
        filename case sensitivity in
        files and directories in Aqua and
        hierarchy of files and folders in 2nd
        history of
        key development dates
        listing basic commands
        Mac applications vs. commands in
        moving files to Trash
        parent and children processes
        preemptive multitasking 2nd 3rd
        preserving resource fork with files 2nd
        programming and scripting in
        puns and word games in
        putting command in background
        root accounts
        ssh connections within
        stability on Mac OS X
        text files in Mac and
        user name and ID
        users and groups in
        using command line
        versions of 2nd
        viewing file-type information
unlocking files 2nd
unpacking compressed tar files
UPDATE statement
        finding security updates online
        passwords for keychain
        Perl modules
upgrading CPAN
uploading files to FTP servers 2nd
uptime command 2nd
URLs, fetching and saving
user accounts. [See also managing user accounts and groups]
        adding to existing groups
        admin user accounts
        changing login shell
        configuring access control for MySQL database
        creating 2nd
        file ownership information for
        forwarding e-mail for existing
        monitoring login history
        name and number of
        restricting use of cron
        root accounts
        seeing all groups user belongs to
        seeing list of users logged in
        setuid properties for ownership
        switching to other
        viewing all
user ID
user private group 2nd
users command
users. [See user accounts]
utilities [See also specific utilities]
        awk program
        compressing files with gzip
        cut command 2nd
        find command
        locate command
        mail command
        mdfind command 2nd 3rd
        Network Utility
        open command
        osascript command
        packet sniffers and port scanners
        pbcopy command
        pbpaste command
        pine command
        scripting new
        sort command
        tar command
        textutil command
        uncompressing files with gunzip
        uniq command
        unpacking tar archive
        viewing and editing files
        wc command

Unix for Mac OS X 10. 4 Tiger. Visual QuickPro Guide
Unix for Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger: Visual QuickPro Guide (2nd Edition)
ISBN: 0321246683
EAN: 2147483647
Year: 2004
Pages: 161
Authors: Matisse Enzer

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