Using Flash to create animation and motion graphics provides a solution for high-quality entertainment and motion design for devices that no other technology offers. Creating with vectors allows movies to combine small file sizes with stunning production qualities that play back within the limitations of a broad range of devices.

Creating character animation and motion graphics in Flash allows designers and animators to develop content that can be played seamlessly in multiple locations from computers to televisions to handhelds and other devices. Because audiences are beginning to access creative programming from multiple locations now and will do it even more so in the future, it's imperative to understand the limitations of developing for multiple platforms.

When developing for devices, be organized and think ahead about what the device processor can display and at what frame rate, consider what the display size will do to the content, and decide whether it matters that the viewer might not be connected to the web.

Although there are significant limitations in display sizes, hardware speeds, storage capacity, and connectivity, it's definitely worth understanding this balancing act so that content that's developed now can be viewed successfully not only on the web, but on any one of a dozen digital devices now and in the future.

Macromedia Flash Enabled. Flash Design and Development for Devices
Macromedia Flash Enabled. Flash Design and Development for Devices
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Year: 2002
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