This book captures the knowledge of seasoned developers and presents it in the form of a patterns catalog. Each pattern contains a simple, proven mechanism that solves a commonly recurring technical challenge. Patterns provide a common vocabulary and taxonomy for developers and architects to describe solutions concisely. By providing a common language for developers and architects, patterns enable the reuse of architecture, design, and implementation decisions. While each pattern can be understood and applied alone, you can also combine these patterns together and use them to build more complex systems.

What this guide covers:

  • An overview of using patterns to build enterprise solutions
  • A framework of organizing patterns into closely related sets according to levels of abstraction or subject area
  • A mechanism for understanding the relationships between patterns and applying them to building software-intensive systems that use Microsoft.NET
  • A collection of patterns for Web presentation, deployment, distributed systems, services, performance, and reliability.

Enterprise Solution Patterns Using Microsoft. NET 2003
Enterprise Solution Patterns Using Microsoft. NET 2003
Year: 2004
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