Many thanks to the following advisors who provided invaluable assistance:

  • Ward Cunningham, Cunningham & Cunningham, Inc.

  • Martin Fowler, ThoughtWorks, Inc.

  • Ralph Johnson, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

  • Robert C. Martin, Object Mentor

Thanks also to the many contributors who assisted us in the production of this book, in particular:

  • Mohammad Al-Sabt, Microsoft Prescriptive Architecture Guidance

  • Chris Colleran,, LLC

  • Matt Evans, Microsoft Prescriptive Architecture Guidance

  • Xiao Guo, ThoughtWorks, Inc.

  • Steve Kirk, MSDN

  • Rick McUmber, RDA

  • Vijay Srinivasan, Satyam Computer Services

  • Jonathan Wanagel, Microsoft Prescriptive Architecture Guidance

Finally, thanks to the companies that agreed to participate in our user experience test:

  • Atmedica USA, LLC, a MediMedia USA company

  • Safeco Insurance Company

  • SBI and Company

  • ThoughtWorks, Inc.

Enterprise Solution Patterns Using Microsoft. NET 2003
Enterprise Solution Patterns Using Microsoft. NET 2003
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