iPhoto and Image Capture

Before Apple released iPhoto, the way you transferred images from a digital camera to a Mac running Mac OS X was with an included utility called Image Capture (found in your Applications folder). Image Capture is still useful for downloading selected images from your camera.

Image Capture functions:

  • Using Image Capture, you can download photos to any folder. Choose one in the Download To pop-up menu, and then click the Download All button (Figure 2.28).

    Figure 2.28. Use Image Capture if you want to download photos to a folder in the Finder, rather than straight into iPhoto.

  • You can also download only selected images in Image Capture. Click the Download Some button in Image Capture's main window, select the images to download, and click the Download button (Figure 2.29).

    Figure 2.29. To download only some images, click Download Some in the main Image Capture window, select the images to download, and then click the Download button.

  • Although Image Capture offers some options for making a Web page from the images you download and formatting them to different sizes, it's easier and more reliable to do this in iPhoto.

  • If you want to download images using Image Capture, and then import them into iPhoto, it might be easiest to set the "When a Camera Is Connected, Open" pop-up menu in Image Capture's Preferences window to launch Image Capture rather than iPhoto.

  • To adjust Image Capture's options, click the Options button in Image Capture's main window. In particular, make sure it doesn't delete after downloading so iPhoto can download the images as well (Figure 2.30).

    Figure 2.30. Image Capture has some options that may be useful; access them by clicking the Options button.

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