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Visual QuickStart Guide iPhoto 6 for Mac OS X
By Adam C. Engst
Publisher: Peachpit Press
Pub Date: June 20, 2006
Print ISBN-10: 0-321-42331-3
Print ISBN-13: 978-0-321-42331-3
Pages: 224

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       About the Author
       Other Books by Adam C. Engst
       Special Thanks
       Technical Colophon
       Featured Photographers
        Chapter 1.  Getting Started
      Hardware and Software Requirements
      Acquiring iPhoto
      Installing iPhoto
      Updating iPhoto via Software Update
      Updating to iPhoto 6
      Launching iPhoto
      iPhoto's Modes
      Interface Overview
        Chapter 2.  Importing and Managing Photos
      Entering Import Mode
      Importing from a Camera
      Importing from a Card Reader
      Importing from Files
      Importing from a Kodak Photo CD or Picture CD
      Importing from an iPhoto Disc
      Importing Only Selected Photos
      iPhoto Directory Structure
      Leaving Photos in Place
      Deleting Photos
      Culling Photos Quickly
      Recovering Photos
      Creating Multiple iPhoto Library Folders
      Switching between iPhoto Library Folders
      Backing Up Your Photos
      Other Backup Options
      Merging iPhoto Library Folders
      iPhoto and Image Capture
        Chapter 3.  Organizing Photos
      What's New in Organize Mode
      Organize Tools Overview
      Changing the Display Pane's Layout
      Other Display Preferences
      Contextual Menu Shortcuts
      Moving Around in iPhoto
      Editing Film Rolls
      Creating and Modifying New Film Rolls
      Creating and Working with Folders
      Creating Albums
      Creating and Editing Smart Albums
      Smart Album Ideas
      Duplicating Sources
      Renaming and Rearranging Sources
      Deleting Sources
      Selecting Photos
      Adding Photos to Sources
      Removing Photos from Sources
      Sorting Photos
      Assigning Titles to Photos
      Assigning Comments to Photos
      Editing Photo Dates
      Assigning Ratings
      Managing Keywords
      Assigning and Removing Keywords
      Searching with the Keyword Pane
      Searching with the Search Field
      Searching with the Calendar Pane
      Viewing Photo Information
        Chapter 4.  Editing Photos
      Entering Edit Mode
      Edit Tools Overview (Display Pane)
      Edit Tools Overview (Full Screen)
      Edit Tools Overview (Separate Window)
      Editing RAW Files
      Contextual Menu Shortcuts
      Zooming Photos
      Duplicating Photos
      Rotating Photos
      Selecting Portions of Photos
      Specific Aspect Ratios
      Cropping Photos
      Enhancing Photos
      Making Photos Black-and-White or Sepia
      Reducing Red-Eye
      Retouching Photos
      Using the Effects Panel
      Using the Adjust Panel
      Understanding the Levels Histogram
      Adjusting Brightness
      Adjusting Contrast
      Adjusting Saturation
      Adjusting Temperature
      Adjusting Tint
      Adjusting Sharpness
      Straightening Photos
      Adjusting Exposure
      Adjusting Black and White Points
      Undoing Changes
      Editing in Another Program
      Try GraphicConverter
      Try Photoshop Elements
        Chapter 5.  Showing Photos Onscreen
      Types of Slideshows
      Slideshow Tools Overview
      Setting Up Basic Slideshows
      Assigning Music to Slideshows
      Creating and Deleting Saved Slideshows
      Manipulating Slideshow Photos
      Selecting Default Settings
      Customizing Slides
      Editing Slide Photos
      Configuring the Ken Burns Effect
      Controlling Slideshows
      Exporting Slideshows to QuickTime Movies
      Distributing QuickTime Movies
      Creating an iMovie Slideshow
      Creating a DVD Slideshow with iDVD
      iDVD Slideshow Tips
      Setting the Desktop Picture
      Creating a Screen Saver
      Setting Up a .Mac Account
      Some Major .Mac Features
      Publishing Photo Pages with iWeb
      Publishing Blog Photos with iWeb
      Publishing .Mac Slides
      Subscribing to .Mac Slides
      Exporting to Web Pages
      Web Page Export Tips
      Copying Photos to an iPod
        Chapter 6.  Printing Photos
      Printing Photos
      Previewing Prints
      Printing Contact Sheets
      Printing Full-Page Photos
      Printing Greeting Cards
      Printing N-Up Photos
      Printing Sampler Sheets
      Printing Standard Prints
      Printing Custom Layouts
      Printing Tips
      Setting Up an Apple ID
      Using Your Apple ID
      Preparing to Order Prints
      Ordering Prints
        Chapter 7.  Cards, Books, and Calendars
      Creating Cards Overview
      Designing Your Card
      Creating Calendars Overview
      Designing Calendar Pages
      Creating Books Overview
      Designing Book Pages
      Adding, Deleting, and Moving Book Pages
      Arranging Photos on Book and Calendar Pages
      Editing Photos on Pages
      Dealing with Warning Icons
      Entering and Editing Text
      Typing Text "Correctly"
      Changing Fonts, Styles, and Sizes Globally
      Changing Fonts, Styles, and Sizes per Text Box
      Changing Text Color
      Checking Spelling as You Type
      Printing on Your Own Printer
      Ordering Cards, Calendars, and Books
        Chapter 8.  Sharing Photos
      Sharing a Library via iPhoto Library Manager
      Sharing a Library via a Shared Volume
      Sharing Photos via iPhoto Sharing
      Accessing Shared Photos
      Sharing Photos via Photocasting
      Accessing Photocasts
      Exporting Files
      Exporting Files by Dragging
      Emailing Photos
      Sharing Photos on Disc with iPhoto Users
      Sharing Photos on Disc with Windows Users
        Chapter 9.  Troubleshooting
      General Problems and Solutions
      Importing Problems and Solutions
      Editing Problems and Solutions
      RAW File Facts
      Slideshow Problems and Solutions
      Printing Problems and Solutions
      Print and Book Problems and Solutions
      Dealing with Warning Icons
      Help Resources
        Appendix A.  Deep Background
      Understanding Aspect Ratios
      Understanding Resolution
      Understanding Color Management
        Appendix B.  Taking Better Photos
      What Kind of Photographer Are You?
      Choosing a Camera
      Where to Read Camera Reviews
      Camera Accessories
      General Photo Tips
      More General Photo Tips
      Portrait Photo Tips
      Child and Pet Photo Tips
      Landscape Photo Tips
      Travel Photo Tips

iPhoto 6 for Mac OS X. Visual QuickStart Guide
iPhoto 6 for Mac OS X
ISBN: 0321423313
EAN: 2147483647
Year: 2004
Pages: 225
Authors: Adam Engst

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