Sharing Photos via Photocasting

iPhoto 6 introduced an innovative new way to share photos with friends and relatives over the Internet: photocasting. In essence, photocasting involves iPhoto automatically uploading all the photos in an album to .Mac and keeping the online version in sync as you make changes to that album. Creating a photocast requires a .Mac account (see "Setting Up a .Mac Account" in Chapter 5, "Showing Photos Onscreen"), but accessing one doesn't.

To create a photocast:


Create an album or smart album containing the photos you want to photocast (see "Creating Albums" and "Creating and Editing Smart Albums" in Chapter 3, "Organizing Photos").


With your new album selected, choose Photocast from the Share menu or click the Photocast button, if it's showing.

iPhoto displays the Publish a Photocast dialog (Figure 8.7).

Figure 8.7. Choose the size of photos to publish, and decide whether you want the album to update automatically, and if you want to restrict access.


Choose the size at which you want your photos uploaded, check the Automatically Update When Album Changes checkbox if you want to update the photocast on changes, and select Require Name and Password (and fill in a name and password) if you want to restrict access to your photocast.


When you're done, click Publish.

iPhoto uploads the photos, displaying a progress pie chart as it goes. When it's done, iPhoto displays the URL to your photocast and offers to announce it via email (Figure 8.8).

Figure 8.8. When iPhoto is done uploading, it gives you the option of announcing your photocast via email; it's a good way to get the URL where you can copy it.


To create an email message with the photocast's URL, click Announce Photocast.


  • Photocasts cannot contain movies.

  • The Actual Size option recompresses photos to make them smaller, so the photos aren't as high quality as the originals.

  • To stop publishing a photocast (and remove the photos from your .Mac account), select the album, choose Photocast from the Share menu, and click Stop Publishing when prompted. You can also delete the album.

  • On your iDisk, photocasts are stored in folders within Web/Sites/iPhoto/.

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