Chapter 8. Sharing Photos

8. Sharing Photos

In earlier editions of this book, the "Sharing Photos" chapter covered all of iPhoto's "sharing" tools, including printing, creating slideshows, making Web pages, and more. But iPhoto provides so many ways of sharing photos that I now devote entire chapters to displaying photos onscreen; to printing; and to cards, calendars, and books.

So what's left? Plenty. This chapter focuses on how you can share actual photo files with other people. For instance, you might want to share photos with a family member who also uses your Mac, or a roommate whose Mac is on your network. Or maybe you want to send photos to friends via email or on a CD or DVD. iPhoto can help in all of these situations and more. I've organized this chapter in roughly that order; think of it as near (sharing on your Mac) to far (sending a CD to a Windows-using relative).

It's worth keeping in mind that although Apple has provided various different tools for sharing these original photos, there are usually trade-offs. For instance, it's trickier to burn a CD of photos for someone who uses Windows than for someone who uses iPhoto on the Mac. And to share photos via photocasting requires a .Mac account. And Apple still hasn't made it easy for people on the same Mac to share an iPhoto Library folder.

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