Setting Up Basic Slideshows

A basic slideshow is the easiest way to display your photos while at your computer. For playing music during your slideshow, iPhoto integrates with Apple's iTunes music software.

To configure a basic slideshow:


In organize mode, select one or more photos or albums, and click the triangular Play button at the right end of the toolbar (the bottom right of Figure 5.2).

Figure 5.2. Configure how your slideshow appears using the Settings pane of the Slideshow dialog.

iPhoto opens the Slideshow dialog. Click the Settings tab (Figure 5.2).


Set the transition type, direction (by clicking the appropriate arrow in the round direction controller), and speed.


Enter the length of time you want each photo to remain on the screen, and select any desired additional display options.


If you want music to play during your slideshow, see "Assigning Music to Slideshows," on the next page.


Click Save Settings or click Play.


  • Save Settings records your settings for future uses of basic slideshows.

  • I recommend use of the Ken Burns Effect; it significantly improves most slideshows.

  • Scale Photos to Fill Screen causes a slideshow to display only the center of portrait-orientation photos but eliminates black bands on the sides.

  • Show Slideshow Controls and Show My Ratings aren't necessary, since you can display the slideshow controls, which include the rating, just by moving the pointer during the slideshow.

Arranging Basic Slideshows

Basic slideshows start with the image in the upper-left position of the selection or the album. So if you want to display the pictures in the reverse order, choose either Ascending or Descending (whichever isn't currently selected) from the Sort Photos submenu of the View menu. Of course, whatever sort is in effect applies, so you can change the order by changing to a different sort too.

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