Uploading the Tech Bookstore to the Web

If you have access to upload files to the web, the next step is to upload the Tech Bookstore so it can be viewed online. Because you do not need all the files you have created during the book for the website, you need to organize all the files specifically for the bookstore into a single folder and then upload them to the server. If you do not have web space, you should stop at the step that uploads the files and test the site locally off your hard drive. But if you want to put your site online, follow these simple steps right to the end.


Open the TechBookstore folder on your hard drive. Then create a new folder on your hard drive in which you will move (or copy) the files for the Tech Bookstore site.

Because you have been saving most of the files inside the TechBookstore folder, there are a lot of files stored in the folder, including ones that shouldn't be uploaded. You do not need to upload all the files because you do not need the FLA files or the imported images online for the website. You need to upload only some of them: the HTML files, SWF files, and files that you are dynamically loading or linking to the site.

The new folder you create can be called whatever you want, such as bookstore.


Move the following files into the folder you just created.

You need to move all the files that you need for the site into a single location. They include the SWF files and media files loading into the SWF files, as well as the HTML documents you published in this lesson. For your convenience, the files you need are in the following list:





















You also need to move the catalog folder and the reviews folder into this folder alongside these other files.


If you do not have a web server to upload your files to, open this new folder you created and double-click the bookstore.html file. This should open the completed Tech Bookstore site in a web page. And you're done! Congratulations!


After you moved all the files required for the Tech Bookstore into a single location, connect to the web server where you want to host the material, and upload the documents to the web.

You are probably using FTP to connect to a web server or you might be using another file-transfer method (perhaps even hosting off of your own computer). At any rate, you need to transfer the files to a server so you can put them online. Transfer all the files that are inside the folder you created in the previous step. You don't need to transfer the folder as well, although it's likely you want to create a folder on the server to hold all of these files.


Make sure that you do not overwrite any existing files on the server. Creating a folder to hold all the files is an easy way to make sure you don't overwrite existing files, such as an index file you might already have on your site.


Open the Tech Bookstore in a web browser.

Type the location to the bookstore's index page into your browser of choice. Because you have Flash Player installed, bookstore.html will load with the SWF file content.

If your visitors do not have the correct Flash Player installed (perhaps it is older than Flash Player 8) or no Flash Player is installed at all, they will be directed to the www.macromedia.com/go/getFlash page that notifies them of this fact and tells them where the player can be downloaded from.

It's always easy to forget to publish a file or perhaps even save one in the wrong directory on your hard drive. If you are missing any SWF files from this list, open the FLA file again and publish the FLA file so a SWF file is saved in the TechBookstore folder. Then upload this new file to the server into the correct directory. You might also want to check that you have remembered to upload the catalog and review folders as well. Finally, you want to make sure that all the references to your external data are still valid after you have posted your files.

The complete published Tech Bookstore is in the lesson11/complete/TechBookstore folder on the CD-ROM. This folder contains the completed SWF files and HTML files for the website.

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