In this chapter, we looked into the options for creating a new CMS site. To start with, we focused on a CMS site with a dedicated database that can be installed at the root of an IIS site or as an off-root Web application. To create the site, we performed the following tasks: created a new database and configured MCMS system account permissions for this database; set up an IIS site; configured the new database as a CMS database and specified the CMS administrator account; configured the IIS site to become a CMS site, enabled guest access, and specified the CMS guest account; and added virtual directories manually. We also looked into enabling root URL access to our new CMS site so that users can access it by the URL http://<CMS site>.

We created a new empty site that is authoring-enabled. You can use the same process to create read-only sites after you have deployed your content.

We also defined the process for creating CMS sites that share resources, which can be an IIS site and/or a database. These configurations are particularly useful in a development environment.

In the next chapter, we will create the structure for a new site.

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