The Web Author is an application that enables users to create and manage content, using a Web browser. Content authors can quickly and easily add or modify Web content, without the need to learn a specific HTML authoring tool such as Microsoft FrontPage or Macromedia Dreamweaver. The CMS Web pages are based on templates created by template designers during the site development stage; these templates contain placeholders that provide the ability for content authors to insert their content into the designated page areas. The content may include text, images, hyperlinks, attachments, HTML tags, and XML documents. The type of content for each placeholder is set up by the placeholder's properties. These are assigned at the development stage and indicated by the buttons on the top of the placeholder and the toolbar at the authoring stage.

After the content authors have created or edited a page, the page has to be saved. Saved pages are not immediately available on the live site. In order for them to become available to the site subscribers, the pages need to be approved for publishing. We will concentrate on this workflow process in the next chapter.

Microsoft Content Management Server 2002. A Complete Guide
Microsoft Content Management Server 2002: A Complete Guide
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