We began our discussion about Channel objects in PAPI by describing how important hierarchies are in our lives and in CMS. But using Channel objects must be controlled, so we covered the various user rights and the concept of sufficient rights to accomplish tasks in CMS.

Digging into each individual property and method, starting with the read-only members and followed by the read/write members of a Channel object, we unearthed the usefulness of each member. We showed comprehensive and individual, sometimes reusable, code examples of all members. The various child objects described in the PAPI object model from Chapter 23 including the Parent, Postings, Channels, AllChildren, and CustomProperties were covered in depth, along with code examples.

Dynamic navigation was touched on, and we ended with a simple breadcrumb code example.

In the chapter that follows, we will cover very similar content in a similar manner for the Posting object.

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