Context Publishing Modes

In the coding examples we used to authenticate to the CmsApplicationContext, we hardcoded the CMS Update publishing mode.

There are four publishing modes that we can use:

  • Published mode presents the live site to the user. Only published objects are visible, and updating is not allowed.

  • Unpublished mode lets the user view the live site plus any unpublished objects, but updating is still not allowed.

  • Update mode lets the user see unpublished and preview objects, and, as the name implies, update objects in the model.

  • Staging mode is used by the CMS Site Stager when staging a site, and updating is not permitted.

By default, the published version of a posting, if there is one, is returned in both Published mode and Staging mode. The unpublished version of a posting, if there is one, is returned in both Unpublished and Update modes. In the event that there isn't an unpublished posting, a copy of the published version is returned ready for alteration.

If we are going to the trouble of creating a Context, we will likely use Update mode. However, it is feasible that Published and Unpublished modes could be helpful in some circumstances.

NOTE: Web Author mode has a refinement of the publishing mode and is discussed at length in Chapters 5 and 30.

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