Understanding Upgrade Options

You learned in Chapter 23, "Upgrading from Microsoft Windows SharePoint Services 2.0," that there are three options for upgrading a SharePoint Portal Server 2003 implementation to SharePoint Server 2007:

  • In-place upgrade

  • Gradual upgrade

  • Content database migration

The Table 24-1 reconsiders these different approaches to help you find the one that works best for your implementation.

Table 24-1: Upgrade Alternatives and Tradeoffs
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Upgrade option





Uses existing hardware.

Entire farm is offline during the upgrade.

No ability to easily revert.


Allows you granular control of the upgrade process at the site-collection level.

Reduces the time a user is affected.

You can revert to the original SharePoint Portal Server 2003 Web sites if needed.

Uses existing hardware.

Requires SharePoint Server 2007 installation on the SharePoint Portal Server 2003 farm servers.

Domain Name System (DNS) redirects for SharePoint Portal Server 2003 URLs during upgrade need to be created.

Performance impact on SharePoint Portal Server 2003 servers can be significant because you're running two platforms side by side.

This option is hardware intensive, requiring additional memory and extra Microsoft SQL Server storage.

Content database migration

Allows moving to a new farm or new hardware while retaining farm content.

Allows "Web application by Web application" migration to new farm.

The SharePoint Portal Server 2003 farm is not affected by the upgrade process.

Better performance than the gradual upgrade method.

Much more complex migration design.

Granularity is at the content-database level.

Involves many manual steps, with a high level of administrative and developer effort.

Requires a new farm and double the SQL Server storage capacity.

Some features are not upgraded, such as Search and all customizations.

Whichever upgrade option you choose, you need to complete the following four stages for your upgrade to be successful:

  • Planning the upgrade

  • Pre-upgrade tasks

  • The upgrade process

  • Post-upgrade tasks

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