Configuring EIGRP

Router(config)#router eigrp 100

Turns on the EIGRP process


100 is the autonomous system (AS) number, which can be a number between 1 and 65535


All routers in the same AS must use the same AS number


Specifies which network to advertise in EIGRP

Router(config-router)#eigrp log-neighbor-changes

Logs any changes to an EIGRP neighbor adjacency


The eigrp log-neighbor-changes command, although optional, is recommended to help with troubleshooting.

Router(config-router)#no network

Removes the network from the EIGRP process

Router(config)#no eigrp 100

Disables routing process 100

Router(config-if)#bandwidth x

Sets the bandwidth of this interface to x kilobits to allow EIGRP to make a better routing decision


The bandwidth command is used for metric calculations only. It does not change interface performance.

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