Web Site Architecture

Hold a mirror up to Nature.

-Hamlet,William Shakespeare

In this chapter, we return to the details of building Internet communications. The quote from Hamletmust be given strong consideration in this process. Successful Web communication should reflect successful traditional communication activities.

Internet communication must be based on the basics discussed earlier in this book. Audience wants, needs, and desires must be fulfilled. To build or design Web sites and other elements requires a foundation based on audiences and their information goals. If this is accomplished, then the audience will participate in the effort.

This chapter introduces a process that is useful for building Internet communication efforts that will be used by audiences. The first lab helps draw a comparison between mapping physical movements and movements on a Web site. The second lab uses a scenario to document current successful communication as a way to build Internet communication models. The third lab introduces a reversed method of building Web sites based on the audience information objective.

Exploring Web Marketing and Project Management
Exploring Web Marketing and Project Management
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